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La Doctora en Psicología Elena López ha publicado recientemente un artículo en International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, con Douglas MacDonald ( Universidad Detroit Mercy), y Rafael Jódar (Universidad Pontificia Comillas de Madrid). Es una adaptación al castellano del cuestionario de espiritualidad ESI-R.

La cita del artículo es:  López, E., Jódar, R., & MacDonald, D. A. (2017). Psychometric properties of a Spanish adaptation of the Expressions of Spirituality Inventory–Revised (ESI–R). International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, 36 (1).

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A Spanish adapted version of the Expressions of Spirituality Inventory- Revised (ESI-R; MacDonald, 2000a, 2000b), a 30-item measure of a five factor model of spirituality, was administered to a sample of 376 adults along with Spanish adaptations of the NEO-FFI personality inventory (Manga, Ramos, & Morán, 2004), the Ryff’s Scales of Psychological Well-Being (Díaz et al., 2006), and the SA-45 psychopathology symptoms questionnaire (Sandín, Valiente, Chorot, Santed, & Lostao, 2008). Reliability analyses of the five ESI-R dimension scores produced inter-item consistency coefficients ranging from .83 to .97. Exploratory and confirmatory factor analytic results are consistent with other published research and provide support for the structural validity of the ESI-R with a Spanish sample. Lastly, correlations obtained between the ESI-R dimensions and demographic, personality, well-being, and psychopathology variables generated findings that confirm the convergent, discriminant, and criterion validity of the instrument. Overall, the results of this study suggest that the ESI-R is a promising instrument for spirituality research in Spain.

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