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Oxigeme™ is a theoretical and practical process of integrative psychologies carried out by professionals. The objective of this process is to allow the individual a realistic and effective discovery of their vital yearnings.

Accepting the uncertainties of life in order to reach consciousness and transformation to resolve the deep fear we have of our inner self.

Oxigeme is coordinated by Manuel Almendro, Doctor of Psychology

An integrative process in psychology and psychotherapy

We are born with inherited structures, necessary to live.

An eggshell- armor that for some people turns into a corset, threatening their daily life. This breakup -often sudden- is what we call an EMERGENT CRISIS. This sensitivity increases day to day and can be both challenging and suffocating if the person doesn´t find the appropiate way out.

We can treat isolated problems but if we don’t transform the base structure, these problems won´t cease. We have to change the personal mold. The human structure is composed of fractals (complex body-emotional-mind- energetical patterns) and traumas (wounds from the remote and recent past) that condition us to act in an  undesirable way which we are powerless to stop. This structure formed in the past intervenes in the present, following the laws of chaos through, what we call, dissipative structures of the characters (personae) and events. Even though they try to perpetuate, their end is the evolution of the person.

The Oxigeme Process entails a two-step procedure:


Dissolution of the inherited structure. The door of the visible metaphorically called the Door of Mankind. 

First on an individual level followed by a group process: achievement of personal unity – non identification with – becoming conscious. A radical resolution of the family wounds and inheritance.

Crisol is the key seminar in this process: clean your family wounds to resolve rage and revenge in order to reach compassion and forgiveness.


The door of the Invisible. Access to collective subconscious. Trans-rational leap.

The Oxigeme Process consists of firstly individual (around fifteen) followed by group sessions, weekend workshops and seminars in Spain and America


Sentences like: I´ve read a lot of books… I`ve heard many speeches… I´ve participated in different workshops but I haven´t found a coherent path… are sentences we´ve heard for a long time. In order to ensure this doesn´t continue to happen, every transformative process is given two keys: 1º coherence and 2º providing continuation. If not, the possibility of abandonment and mistrust is high, which means that resistance is taking over.

That an awakening of consciousness in our society is happening, is undeniable. But it is also true that it has been followed by a large and diverse offer of courses, workshops and experiences, where it might not be easy to orient yourself and find the appropiate direction to your request and current personal moment. Just because there is a map does not mean you can find your way.

Recognizing that for some the prolific teachings of the last decades are worn out, we are ready to give coherence to the personal search, far away from getting lost in a mosaic without structures.

Widening our scope:

  • Internal action can´t remain in the ostentatiousness of a non-ordinary state of consciousness caused by breathing works, vibratory processes or substance consumption.
  • Realizing a variety of seminars, jumping from one to the next without further development, can confuse the person which leads to an indifference and alienation of the individual’s process. This development is necessary otherwise the person may become disappointed, apathetic and can succumb to non-integrated experiences which would be counter-productive.

It is possible to find continuity however, following different professionals.

A deeper understanding

An intention (personal and non-transferrable)
A center: Hara. -a sensation more than a power.
Professional guidance.

The aim is therapeutical efficiency for all who have understood that healing oneself is knowing oneself and that life is a radical process of consciousness in which the cure is in the illness itself. Getting rid of the pebble in the shoe,many times is the first thing to do.

First Process – Towards PERSONAL UNITY

Being ONE

Far from only living theories or experiences, it is possible to be well. Thinking in one way, feeling in another and acting in yet another. It is impossible to get to the high spheres of consciousness and healing if we are disconnected. The personal unity, free and non-transferrable, allows for deciding what we do and why.That is where the true responsibility of a valid and decisive action begins. On a path from the individual to the super–rational, whose vortex is daily life.


Not being dragged down by the first thing you see, hear, think or feel…

On the world stage, our masks overlap, our traumas trap us and we constantly represent the roles assigned to us by our biographical and genealogical patterns, fractals who cause suffering and make us unstable. They are so ingrained, that we don´t perceive them because it is through them that we see. Sometimes our characters-personae (dissipative routes) and traumas invade and even control us. Within a minute, they barge in, a mere gesture reveals them/ us and when we realize it, again it is too late. We want to be ourselves but we are a bunch of…others.

When you embody the Non-identification of yourself transformation is possible. You have been able to distance yourself. You are full of rage but you aren´t rage, you are suffocated but you aren´t the suffocation, you are vain, arrogant, enlightened but… Until through the process, you are able to get rid of the bitter possession of being outside oneself. Finally, you can distance yourself from suffering and enjoyment.

Non-identification of yourself implies a process towards the eye of the hurrican.On the mountain or on the underground, it means discovering and disenabling the ghosts that represent suffering and enslavement. Those ghosts are both inside and outside ourselves. There is no need to look for other enemies.

Third process – BECOMING AWARE

Being present means being conscious

Letting one´s guard down means being invaded by characters (personae) and traumas which suffocate us. Thousands of commercials are selling the getting outside ourselves. To do this, they count on our fear of what´s going on inside us. But the moment our insight is installed, the artificial paradise of addiction and consumption is modified. Death becomes a reality that cannot be bought. It is then when the fear of death and emptiness opens the door to hope. Sooner or later we all have to go through this door, out of choice or because we are chosen to do so. There you decide whether to be a seed or fertilizer.

Becoming aware fills the space left by the“non-identification of yourself”, and from the point of view of Personal Unity, it makes sense. This is when you really learn what cannot be learned in any other way. Emptiness acquires sense.

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