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Movement-Vibration and Quietude-Silence

Inside the context of Oxígeme and after the steps of helping the processes: Mind One-Mind in Silence, Penetrating Consciousness-Open Consciousness, -we will teach them- we will access to the Personal Unity.

This situation permits that the vibratory body (Induced Vibration) –purgative process- and the silence put us in harmony in order to amplify the personal receptacle of being. Sometimes silence drives us to movement and viceversa.

In this seminar we will see the next points:

  • Working with Hara means that this is an indispensable element to achieve mental peace, starting with a state that permits you a releasing of the reiterative thinking.
  • Working with Induced Vibration means that it is as a genuine method for the body reorganizing to be aware of the body processes that in the unconscious way generate health or illness inside us.

The seminar is giving by M. Almendro and accredited professionals.

Dreams as non ordinary states of consciousness are a powerful tool of self-knowledge.

The oniric state is as powerful as any state induced by substances.

This seminar will help people to find a lucid place starting from a introduction in the world of vision as a projection of the oneiric emergent state. A chaos that finds order beyond limits.

From this lucid place individual has to dries up the necessary knowledge in order to clear and enrichment his and her daily life.

In this seminar beside we will work with activation processes; Induced Vibration, voice: the inner sound.

The seminar is giving by M. Almendro (PhyD.) and a group of professionals in Psychology.

Fundamental breathing, Holotropic breathwork.
How to cure emergency.

Created by Stanislav and Cristina Grof this is a powerful method based on the conjunction of ancestral and modern investigations on the conscience.

It allows both personal awakening and self understanding.

Basic breath -Zen breathing- as it requires attention to quieten thoughts, is of great value throughout the OxIgeme process. It’s a breathing technique taught in the preliminary modules along with the different types of attention and self-awareness it involves. Self –awareness in camera and in cascade.

Its main goals are to:

  • Activate the unconscious.
  • Unblock the energy trapped in emotional and physical symptons.
  • Expand the awareness of self to somatic, psychic and transpersonal levels.
  • Its fundamental origin lies in its power to heal, transform and develop.

Vipassana meditation and Induced vibration. 


Given by:

  • Dhiravamsa, Master of Therevada tradition, Thailandi
  • M. Almendro, Doctor in Psychology

For several years Dhiravamsa, master in the Therevada tradition and Vipassana meditation and Dr. Manuel Almendro together have been carrying out seminaries which offer a meeting point for meditation and psychotherapy.

Meditation is well known in the transpersonal paradigm as a valuable tool for penetrating interior worlds, quietening thoughts, and reaching the relaxation which all the schools of psychotherapy place in their programs for transcending, in other words, reaching a supra rational understanding of our existence.

Psychotherapy provides a tool for interior cleansing which facilitates entry to meditative states.

Dhiravamsa says:

“With the flow of introspection, we open the door to creation”

Vipassana Meditation is like starting a trip through life; what we find depends on our conditioning.

The Vipassana method involves reaching an understanding through direct observation that brings self-confidence and mental composure.

This process has five phases: the cultivation of attention, overcoming sadness and pain, ending suffering and dissatisfaction, penetrating the way and a clear understanding of mental processes.

These seminars are directed to people who are following the process of Oxígeme.

These seminars do not include activation exercises. We can say that they are peaceful in this sense, as what is expected is to create a context of reflection and consolidation of processes followed in other seminars, smoothening and polishing aspects which have not become set in past activations.

There will be exercises to activate understanding in which inner peace will be the main ingredient.

The elaboration seminars will be carried out in health resorts and places which offer a restful atmosphere that helps this type of meetings.

Roots of Chaos and Familiars Constellations.

(This seminary is working to people that have done Crisol workshop.)

Beyond doing the personal dissipative routes, is necessary now to establish his link with our personal, familiar, genealogic past.

Going deeply into the psychological -social- and body aspects of our chaotic- dissipative routes in order to empty ourselves and that will allow us to assume the real transpersonal.

Body as Consciousness.  Non ordinary states of consciousness.

A methodology of bio-psychic-energy to enter unknown zones and processes of our physical psyche.

What or who organizes our heartbeat…? What or who organizes the complex brain processes? What or who organizes or disorganizes the order of the cells and molecules of our body… ?

  • Healing one self is to know one self, so therapy in this way means acquiring consciousness.
  • Matter is a rhythm and only exists vibrating in the time-space
  • The body is in a continuum change and renovation: cells of the skeleton change in three months, the skin in a month, the stomach every four days, so probably a tumor is different each year.

Created by Dr. M. Almendro, Induced Vibration, allows access to this inner wisdom through vibration working with Nervous Autonomous System. Induced Vibration’s main objective is activating the unconscious, freeing the energy trapped into the somatic and emotional symptoms and awaking up the inner wisdom in a healing potential, transformative and evolutionary path.

*Beatitude. State of transcendent happiness after crossing the personal desert.

Induced Vibration leads to the discovery of this interior rhythm which pervades nature.

Induced vibration : What is it and how does it occur?

The idea of Induced Vibration, designed by Manuel Almendro, involves psychic-bio-energy and develops a methodology and postural technique which gradually awakens autonomous vibration with the aid of special musical rhythms. If we are open to the experience – our mind has previously been stilled – we can connect with the energies passing through our bodies. When these energies travel freely, healing and self-regulation become possible. This independent movement, aided by breathing, opens the door to interior wisdom and the real source of healing and awareness. This is both a modern and an ancestral method because it uses indigenous ritual dances.

The therapists accompany the individual through and collaborate in the process to reach INTERIOR WISDOM. Their knowledge is not rooted in technique but in their specific training as a companion.

The starting point is Hara, the nucleus of Zen breathing and of the body’s embryos represented by the soles of our feet, our kidneys, ears, and brain lobes – real sounding boards. It’s a map of Annick of Souzenelles.

The experience of this awareness and therapy means opening up to both biographical and transpersonal prenatal experience and cleansing psycho corporal aspects. The trauma stored here are thus transformed.

Applying the Chinese theory of the five elements, the healing approaches are organised.

Induced Vibration was designed by M. Almendro and has been applied in Europe and America .

This kind of course complements the rest since they all form part of the project and process offered by. 

Psychotherapy and meditation
Written on the body

Why do we see the way we see? Are things as they appear to be?

Our brain “re-creates” reality interacting with the field which surrounds us at a physical, psychic and energetic level. An intersection is then generated – a dispelling pattern of interference – between the individual and his vital field.

On this intersection conscience can act generating decoding experience. The mystery of perception lies here, at first sensorial and then trans sensorial, which takes the body in the quantic jump and which implies an enlargement of the perceptive capacity. The challenge is of a holographic type and includes perceiveing “totalities” in their parts. We thus go from perceiving to ‘”knowing”. There is a perceiving-rector center in all human beings which generates identity. Depending on the degree of this center the individual may be more or less owner of himself …. or of others.

The cure appears in the process from the “intracorporeal and intraspychiic vision” which, especially in Induced Vibration, may appear when a perceptive field is established with one’s own inner being and one’s “intelligence-conscience”, which move the psycho-physiological processes known as autonomous. There isn’t –nor are we – a sepearate object from ourselves.

For the process of the state of Hara to happen it is essential to stop our stubborn thinking and the observation of our self.

Practical process: Activation of the perceiving-rector center, generation of a pattern of interference, decodification. What is it that organizes ….. The rythm of our heart… The rythm of complex brain processes…The order of cells…? The body is thus continuous change and renewal.

Established by M. Almendro, Induced Vibration (1980) and Chaos Psychology (2002) attempt to access the inner self from the vibrating layers of the autonomous system from the rythm the matter impregnates on the body. Its fundamental aim is to activate the unconscious, unblocking the energy imprisoned in somatic and emotional symptoms, awakening the inner knowledge specific to the human being under a curative, trasnforming and developing potential. All of these theoretical and practical seminars exist within the Oxígeme process.

Induced Vibration is part of a theoretical and experiential method called Oxígeme, created by Manuel Almendro throughout thirty-four years of work in psychology.

Participants will have access to:

  • A brief explanation on Induced Vibration and to the theory of the five elements.
  • Learning how to unlearn. Letting go of control and allowing the body to begin vibrating.
  • Auto-perceptive processes in relation to the physical, the emotional, the mental and the transpersonal.
  • Exercises which help the general process. Special training in Hara.
  • Expression and interrelation of experiences, consious awareness and possible applications in everyday life: personal and professional levels.

At specific times when we are in a state of Induced Vibration we jump into a state of Hara and viceversa. There are no words for this.

*Blessedness: State of well-being after crossing one’s personal desert

Our head explodes, our discursive mind follows its own boring speech, we do not stop thinking. And we cannot stop thinking with more thinking… so we despair.

How can we access silence? …. and without pills?

Mediation as a path is very well-known in many contexts, from centers of different spiritual types to therapeutic centers or even hospitals. It is well-known that meditation reduces levels of stress and contributes significantly to recovery and well-being. A well-being that goes beyond relaxation – which is attained at first – to provide an emergency which is often little or misunderstood by people who head these meditaton centers.

The axis of naturalness allows us to establish a connection between our silent essence and the protective environment.

Eastern masters, especially the zen master, explain little or nothing about the steps of meditation. In western society we need these explanations and we need to establish the steps in the journey.

Thus we need to feed the heart – number one in pathologies -, feed the cell, not be frightened of our inner self, and go beyond the speculative compulsion, the true cause of our suffering.

The seminar attempts to make the participant know the assault of his own mind during the process as well as the possibility to surprise the meditator himself.

At last, “a moment of peace”.

Intensive workshop

This workshop is going on to:

  • Articulating, remembering, challengers, the personal work on process of all those people who have participated in Oxigeme processes during last years.
  • To achieve a perspective about Oxigeme Process to all those people who are starting this process and have interest about following it.

This workshop will offer integrative lines to personal consciousness, working on Induced Vibration, Holotropic Breathwork, different levels of Hara (here and now), R. Moss, facing fears and uncertainties, etc.

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