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A notice to public

The Oxígeme Process is a research and therapy method of the complex human processes with more than thirty years of dedication behind it. You can find extensive information about us on this website, and also in articles, books, interviews, and other publications on-line or in print.

Regarding Transpersonal Psychology Doctor Manuel Almendro has been the one who introduced it in Spain and also one of the pioneers in Europe. Currently this discipline – although correct in its origins – suffers from many opportunistic programs. Programs with a lack of preparation, which causes ethical dilemas and mis-knowledge and makes it necessary for us to distance ourselves from all the pseudo-spiritual and pseudo-psychological practices. Speaking on an international level, there are still important pioneers who agree this mindset.

In order to participate in the training to become an authorized professional of the Oxigeme Process, it is required to have finished the therapy process with any of the authorized professionals.

Oxígeme, as an integrative process in psychology and psychotherapy, is a result of more than thirty years of clinical practice. This process, now offered as a training program by Manuel Almendro and his team, is aimed at health care professionals, psychologists, doctors, nursing professionals and students and lasts around two years, which can be shortened or extended depending on the preparation and ability of the student.

The program consists of practical training which encompasses going through the different therapeutical modules. The first part ends with Crisol to be continued by the second part with trans-individual processes which endeavors to enter the ultimate way of the personal and group sense of life. It´s obvious that, at this point, an encounter with the ancient knowledge in a secure and responsible way is possible.

The theoretical training involves a detailed lecture of the writings of the different schools of psychology. Studies of clinical processes and the integrative protocol of the Oxígeme Process. A protocol of an extraordinary value that gives the direction to be able to know the role of the professional and how to develop it.The study and debate of the therapeutical session and nonordinary states of consciousness recordings, etc. will be guided by professionals specialized in a variety of areas.

Everyone who has finished the process is required to continue with a year long period of supervision– if the training process has been properly acquired – they will then receive the private diploma to exercise the Oxígeme Process so as to be able to give seminars, weekend workshops including Crisol, first under supervision and afterwards, they will be able to guide the seminars on their own.

In Spain, a maximum of 22 people will be admitted and the training sessions are held in Barcelona and Madrid. In America, a maximum of 24 people for each country will be admitted.

Oxígeme™ is a theoretical and practical process started by Manuel Almendro, Doctor in Psychology. His therapy concept is as an integrative and evolutionary process of the human being with the objective of having an effective and realistic opening, to vital yearnings. Therefore we offer a treatment that respects the individual´s stages and an adequate framework to them.

Transpersonal theories emerged from a coming together between the deep European vision, the Californian initiative, and the encounter with the ancient knowledge, sometimes not appreciated by modern science. We have to admit that both the opportunistic drift and the ease of availability have destroyed this project.

Although there are enriching theoretical debates about the way of making a better model and fitting criteria- this can also end up in a chat over a cup of coffee- it is true that we get closer to a possible integrative theory of the most delicate aspects of the person. And, if well done, this could provide us a less reductionist and more human science. As well as a new evolutive theory of Nature and therefore of human nature. The new Chaos theories could be an example of the latter

(Psicología del caos, 2002 Editorial La llave).

A science that admits consciousness, that recognizes Ylia Prigogine who says that in science we are just beginning.

Both seminars and individual therapies are carried out by professional psychologists or doctors with vast experience and dedication. Therefore, individual therapeutical processes and different seminars exist, with a specific order and sense to guarantee that the individual doesn´t become a collector of courses. Only continuity and constancy permit the access to personal transformation after developing the processes.

Oxigeme™ is carrying out research to empirically validate the therapeutical processes. You can find out more about current investigation in the research section.

The Oxígeme training in integrative psychology and psychotherapy consists of a practical and theoretical process which includes the following aspects:


  • Theoretical process and case analysis from a transpersonal perspective
  • Summarizing the most important schools of psychology and its role in the general spectrum up to now
  • Studies of the Consciousness and their role in the evolutive process of mankind
  • Non ordinary states of Consciousness
  • New models in science
  • Classical and modern psychology models
  • Debating Transpersonal Psychology models, structural, psychodynamic, face-to-face, etc. with known and unknown contributers, both young and old who present interesting ideas.
  • Chaos theories in psychology
  • Summarizing oriental and mesoamerican traditions
  • Synthesis Orient-Occident, between ancient knowledge and modern science







This encounter involves a journey to direct internal transformation along with unchallengeable access to other startling realities concealed from our world.

The Oaxaca courses will include the presence of an Octogenarian Shaman and his family from the Mazateca tradition(Hombres Venado, Deer Men), which belong to the Christian, Aztec and Maya Quitxé heritage.

The Amazonian courses will be given in Shipibo/Conibo and Asheninka tradition in the North of Peru.

In both cases the Shamans have transcended their own heritage and, as in the world of Zen, if you have the chance to meet a truly authentic healer without endangering yourself, then you will be able to travel along the inconceivable path of understanding your true nature and traditional archetype.

This process is extremely subtle, so this kind of refined course is only for those who are carrying out the Oxígeme process.

Manuel Almendro is a member of the EFPA, Doctor of Psychology and also a clinical psychologist, which enables him, as a healthcare professional, to offer indispensable help and to open up this fields. He is also key in the process, currently taking place, to officially recognize the diplomas granted through this program.

  • Oxigeme’s Protocol in weekends. Given that many of you are working during the week and are spread all over Spain, the Oxígeme Process protocol is taught during weekends. This protocol is indispensable to know how to start and be in front of a patient and allows for clear and accurate methodical knowledge, establishing the necessary therapeutical steps. An unknown method to many professionals. This protocol responds to an integration of thirty-four years of work in professional psychology in Spain and America. Therapy is not a chat over a cup of coffee, nor a  sharing of each others’ lives or a “whatever comes out”, but a strict investigative process of the specific opening up to the subconscious and the intuitive.
  • With prior agreement, the names Oxígeme, Induced Vibration, etc. can be used in legal actions considering that they are registered terms recognized by the ministry.
  • In the short term, the idea is to create an Oxígeme center of investigation, teaching, and treatment based on the Master outline of this process and in which the professionals, trained in it, collaborate. We are looking for economic aids to realize this project.
  • Our trained professionals will be published on private and public lists, in professional schools and faculties,journals, and if necessary by notarial acts to prevent the abuse of the so-called transpersonal psychologists. To know more about our perspectives you can read Manuel Almendro´s article in The Journal of Transpersonal Research (in English and Spanish).

More details are given personally but in advance, we can say that:

  • All people admitted to the training course have to have done the individual therapy and Crisol.
  • The students have to keep in mind that they are offered an important work of quantity and quality of more than thirty years, with many revealed publications with media impacts. With that in mind, they must be prepared to realize this work rigorouslyand ethically, and acknowledge the time commitment which is to be followed and carried out over time.
  • Thus we ask for a commitment to the use of the Process since without it, we would put at risk its name and the effort of the people who attend the training.
  • On this website, we will publish the names of the authorized people.
  • The students can assist as co-therapists in group, weekend or longer duration seminars. There will be a limit to the number of participants.
  • Nobody in training is allowed to use the names, registered in the ministry, for example Oxígeme without prior authorization to do so and much less abuse the training in this Process. More than legal obligations, this ethical behavior is necessary in order to conserve the more than thirty years of work and the effort of those who are in training. This is of extreme importance. The names and addresses of those starting to work and with the authorizationto do so will be provisionally published on the current website. On the part of Manuel Almendro, there will be support through conferences in the student’s headquarters and also collective support via the internet.
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Open Call: The third training group in the Oxígeme Process in Madrid is now open for enrollment.

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