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The Oxígeme Process is guided by the compass of integrated healing and seeing life and its obstacles as an opportunity of self re-organization.
Accepting life’s uncertainty in order to reach wisdom and the transformation that waits beyond limits. Resolving the deep fear of our inner self.

Individual sessions

Introduction to Personal Unity: body, emotions and mind.

It is a partly verbal therapy, face-to-face, centered on the problem that integrates structures of several psychology schools. In this phase, we develop processes in Induced Vibration and breathing techniques, as a vital reconstruction of the person in process and carried out by themselves.

It consists of:

  • Life planning in past, present, and future.
  • Personal unification development.
  • Preparation for a therapy centered on the person.

It includes around 15 individual sessions, preferably weekly. Developing the armor, the inherited mold and distinguishing the traumas. Chaos Psychology. We have to recognize our family names and get back our memory in order to one day heal the family wounds. Reaching empathy, sympathy, and forgiveness for our parents.This should include learning Induced Vibration.

The first sessions are oral followed by experiential sessions, depending on the therapeutical needs. It is essential to enter the psycho corporal and non-ordinary states of consciousness where the genuine blockage is found. Gaining access to the Mental Unconscious which is contained in the Corporal Unconscious.

A healthy and secure atmosphere of transformation is decisive.

Do you want to live without so much baggage?

Coherence has its function in:

Chronological evolution: Access to the transpersonal through birth, biography and the present; fixing points, beliefs, and wishes.

Ontological integration: body, mind, emotions and consciousness. Integration of the body- psyche (mind and emotions), and intuitive spheres (the super- rational). It includes the Quadrinity Process.

Weekly group therapy

A deeper understanding: Personal unity, Consciousness, and Genealogy.

Groups of two hours weekly. In this phase, we examine both individual and group requirements. We do not focus on confrontation but on the development of the prior processes and all the emergent issues of the week.

This means a continuation of the individual processes, having the opportunity of expansion and triggering reactions from listening to the others in the room. It means understanding and people are allowed to take their time in order to achieve benefits from the emergent processes.

There are multiple activities starting from:

  • The release of weekly problems
  • Resolution of personal conflicts and conflicts related to the process
  • Activation based on Induced Vibration, breathing techniques, meditation, mindfulness…
  • Elaboration and adaptation of the discoveries in the therapy room into daily life
  • The participants will open up following their own rhythms, their own physical, energetical, emotional and intuitive processes.


Clean your family wounds!
Making peace with the ancestors to be able to “see”.

Crisol™, inspired by the Hoffmann Process and a synthesis of different psychotherapies, responds to an integrative design and is a result of more than three decades in the world of professional Psychology and Psychotherapy.

It implies a process of effective changes in the development of the participants, an immersion in their inner personal mapping, becoming aware of their personal life stages experienced so far and also a discovery of their lagoons.

The seminar is carried out in the therapy room and outside in nature.

Moreover, it involves working with the body, emotions, and consciousness.

Crisol has emerged in response to the current need of mankind to reach, within a reasonable time, the core of what is formed in the crouching intimacy of the uncrossable bastions of the self, in order to face what´s at stake in the here and now; where the question What is life and what is death?doesn´t cease disguising itself in a thousand subliminal ways in front of the mirror.

The Crisol Process means entering the family chain of negative patterns. Behavior passed on from generation to generation. It means entering the negative programming which goes hand in hand with family conditioning and models, acquired during childhood, impossible to avoid and that have filled the childhood emptiness. Entering the chain of negative patterns linked to lineage and family names to cleanse them without being either victims or responsible for their transmission.

The negative behavioral patterns often intervene unconsciously, creating difficulties in our relationships and daily life; moreover, they cover us with a dark shell which isolates and suffocates us. As a result, we sometimes “act” as victims, sometimes as tormentors; sometimes we invalidate others, sometimes we invalidate ourselves – like our daddies did. Or we buy love or manipulate – like our moms did. Tumbling perhaps between a castrating father-invalidating or missing – and an overprotective and absorbing mother. Sometimes rage invades us and all of this without knowing why.

With Crisol we walk back along the path, undoing the pain ingrained in physical and psychological spaces of our childhood, reopening them and understanding the programmed behavior of our parents who did not have this opportunity. As a result, we understand our imitation and rebellion and our compulsive and negative reactions in the present.

This discovery leads us to an understanding of our parents and ourselves and through an immersion in our feelings, we emerge breaking up the ties of the past and fixing the relations with our parents and with life.

At the end of Crisol, we understand that behind these ties, there is the strength and the purity of life in a Personal Unity which will define the direction towards knowing what to do and why.

The integrative work is transpersonal. As a result, it includes the body (works with the cells, which is essential for an efficient therapy), mind, feelings and the supra-rational dimension. It also involves starting off from birth to focus on the biography and ending with works in nature.

Crisol has been designed by Manuel Almendro and is given by him together with a team of psychologists and instructors of the Oxígeme Process.

The seminar lasts a week and is completed with three recycling phases, over a year long period.
To be able to participate in the seminar a minimum of six individual sessions are required
The program is run by a group of professional psychologists
Spain –in June (approximately dates with the possibility in December)
América.- September

Keys in couple or marriage therapy:

  • The problems of a couple start the moment they decide to get together. Bringing in the conscious or unconscious, known or hidden details. A decision that can be based on love, the need of having somebody, the fear of loneliness etc and other conditions that may have affected a free decision. How many relationships are like this?
  • It is clear that each partner brings his/her own problems and virtues into the relationship. This should be recognized as far as possible.
  • The couple took a right and conscious decision but… the development of the different parts sometimes doesn´t follow the same path and disagreements start. There is a divergence that may increase. Is a new encounter possible? To achieve this, you need to work on it. Sometimes the deep divergences regarding the sense of life and consciousness are difficult to accept unless the other partner opens up to this path.
  • A third person appears. If this is accepted, it is due to the lack of strength of the relationship which has lead to boredom, etc.
  • In every breakup one is freed and one is lost.  It sometimes gives rise to harmful revenge for both and especially for children. Manipulating them can have terrible consequences.

All the seminars are part of the Oxígeme Process, an integrative and consistant treatment of the person. The workshops are held during the weekend in urban and rural places.

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