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New group Crisol seminar, year 2015

 26 Junio - 2 Julio, 2015 Se abre nuevo grupo para…


Opening call for new training group

 Hasta completar grupo Abierto plazo de inscripción para profesionales de…


Training seminar, second group

 8 y 9 Noviembre, 2014 Seminario de formación en el…


Light and Shadows in shamanism and the use of plants

Plants of God as Ayahuasca or Mushrooms are a legacy of the wisdom of indigenous traditions in order to provide healing and knowledge.
But we must be careful. These plants should not be taken frivolously nor used disrespectfully.
You will find the light and shadows in shamanism in this speech also related to psychology and Eastern traditions such as zen.
Doctor Manuel Almendro is a clinical psychologist and researcher with more than thirty years experience in the traditions of Mazatecan (Mexico), Ashaninkas and Shipibo (Peruvian Amazon region).


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