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A New Centre Created In The Amazon Ucayali River Peru


It is a special place created for a an encounter between Indigenous people and western researchers. With several colleagues we have created this centre with several purposes:

  1. Learn from Indians Traditional Medicines with possible applications to psychology and western medicine. We become their students
  2. Interchange with Shipibos-Conibos and Asheninkas Indians knowledge with value for both traditions: Indians and western traditions
  3. Offer to NGOS possibilities of helping us in order to deal with this task. We want to work with NGOS of a humble vision of life. We give thanks to all NGOS that offer us in this way.
  4. We offer our collaboration to all organizations interested in honest research with this indigenous people, universities, and intercultural organizations.

The next centre to develop OXIGEME process is going to be held in Spain or Portugal. We are looking for help to get this project.

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